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R2O Consulting, LLC has demonstrable knowledge of the Greater Cleveland area’s storm water collection system and is well-recognized in providing hydrologic and hydraulic engineering services in urban waste water and storm water systems.  R2O is a registered Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) with Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD). 




R2O is familiar with the regional drainage system and has been heavily involved with NEORSD’s Regional Storm water Management Program. R2O provided modeling services for the Regional Intercommunity Drainage Evaluation (RIDE) Study. R2O is currently providing monitoring and GIS services for NEORSD’s Cuyahoga River North Storm water Master Plan and modeling for Cuyahoga River South Storm water Master Plan. WRCE has also provided modeling services related to NEORSD green infrastructure projects.


R2O has proven ability to work with flow monitoring contractors to develop, implement and evaluate data for flow monitoring programs. Since 2016, R2O has previously worked with flow monitoring contractors to implement flow meter programs ranging from 5 to 250+ meters to collect flow information in various systems including storm, sanitary and combined.  R2O also has experience in collecting flood high water elevations. R2O is leading the effort on Cuyahoga River North to implement and collect data for flooding events.

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Cleveland Hopkins Airport Zoomed in map

R2O has provided GIS support for various NEORSD projects and has led the way in spearheading new approaches within ArcGIS Online. Previously, R2O has provided GIS services to support the development of the stormwater billing database.  Currently, R2O is providing GIS services for Cuyahoga River North including mapping of the regional drainage system. Finally, R2O has implemented many new approaches within NEORSD’s ArcGIS Online system. R2O has experience working with NEORSD GIS staff to preserve flow monitoring data within ArcGIS Online and provide data generated through various NEORSD projects.


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